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Digital Technology: An Indispensable Tool for Membership-Based Organisations

Why your organisation needs to leverage digital technology

Although there are similarities between traditional commercial businesses and membership-based organisations, they take very different approaches when it comes to driving revenue growth.

With your membership-based organisation, you have your hands full with improving retention rates, looking for ways to better engage members, generating new enquiries and generally providing better service offerings to your members.

Challenges of managing membership-based organisations

Achieving these goals and objectives is a challenging task. You are constantly faced with budget constraints, changes in the requirements and expectations of your members, internal resistance to change and many other factors that make the burden of leadership much heavier.

You also run the regular risk of members leaving if they feel that they are not getting good returns on their membership package.

To deliver genuine benefits to your members, increase your membership levels, and take your organisation to the next level, you must look for an effective means of surmounting these challenges.

Using digital technology to increase engagement

The good news is that you can leverage digital technology to do all this and so much more.

Conclusions from MemberWise’s 2016 ‘Harnessing the Web’ survey show that increasing engagement is the single most important objective for membership-based organisations.

Engagement is vital since it correlates directly to relevance — which means that the more your members are engaged, the more they view your organisation as relevant to them. When this happens, they are far less likely to leave and may even begin inviting neighbours, friends, family, colleagues, and others with similar interests to join your organisation.

By the same token, unengaged or poorly engaged members are much more likely to cancel their membership because they feel no connection with your organisation.

Relevance also should be considered in the way you offer some of your services. Is the way they can join our organisation as easy and smooth as setting up an Uber account or do they need to hand over their first-born? Is the value they receive relevant to their lives or to yours?


The need for digital transformation

All this means that you need to “up” your members’ engagement levels, as well as up the game in how you stay relevant,  in order to increase your membership levels and retention rates.

The best way to do this is by digitally transforming your organisation and remodelling it into a data-driven one. You should also leverage relevant digital solutions and technologies to provide more engagement for your members.


Integrating your CRM, CMS & Marketing automation

You can start off with a CRM solution or membership management software, and integrate this with your CMS. Integrating these technologies helps you to deliver a bespoke user experience and more personalised content recommendations.

Implementing a CRM solution is a big task, and often the first piece of technology that gets reviewed in the quest to become more data-driven. Modern & global CRM solutions have a lot of Business Intelligence built in, but are not always natively built for membership based organisations. Those CRMs that specialise in memberships may lack the intuitiveness and UX to meet today’s expectations, and a well defined pitch process could help separating the wheat from the chaff.

The BI and segmentation opportunities are an important consideration though and  by leveraging members’ data to understand them more, you’ll be able to consistently deliver the right content and tailored user experience.

The next piece of technology often considered in this quest is a marketing automation tool, where leveraging the data; tailored, personalised and relevant campaigns can be created fast. Social media channels can be integrated so that it becomes easy to create a holistic member journey regardless of the channel they are on.

Ideally, by linking it to a website CMS, each member will be served the content that is only relevant to them which in turn will increase our holy grail of engagement.

Adopting a ‘Member First’ approach

Now more than ever is the time for your organisation to adopt a ‘Member First’ approach. Focus on increasing engagement levels and meeting both current and future requirements/expectations of your members, which are set other companies and other experiences outside of your category.

This will create a more trusting relationship between you and your members, leading to increased retention rates and higher revenue levels.

We recommend you implement a digital transformation agenda.

To discuss your requirements around finding a new CRM provider, implementing a marketing automation tool, or adopting a member first approach, give us a call. Coffee / Tea is on us.

Amazon Alexa – Marketing Opportunities in Australia.

The impact of Alexa on the Australian marketing industry

The Australian market is seeing increasing adoption of some of the world’s most sophisticated voice recognition speaker technology. Amazon Echo and Google Home have been making waves in the U.S. market with over 47 million citizens having access to either one or the other.

However, these devices are still taking their first steps here in the Australian market space with only half a million consumers. Still, they are being installed and used in an increasing number of Aussies.


For us here in Australia, Amazon Alexa can;

  • Tell us where petrol is cheap today, what the traffic looks like on our regular commute to work and helps our kids with their homework and research questions.
  • Activate routines, schedules, and automate tasks like turning on the lights, playing favourite music at certain times, showing certain images and videos on televisions, etc.
  • Enable notification for various activities ranging from reminders, timers, and calls to the delivery of packages from Amazon and even pizza from local Domino stores.
  • Provide support for radio and music and she plays music from Spotify and books from Audible.  
  • Amazon has also optimised Alexa for the Australian scene with the addition of local accents (debatable:)), skills and knowledge.

Although Alexa has enjoyed some measure of success over here, most of us are still divided on the topic, with some celebrating the arrival and others questioning its need. But these technologies are set to disrupt the Australian economy with industries such as media and marketing predicted to enjoy the most benefits.

How Alexa is revolutionising service delivery


Major Aussie brands like NAB, Qantas, Hipages, Seek, Energy Australia, and Airtasker are getting on board with these voice-based interaction platforms to expand their offerings to consumers and provide more qualitative and relevant services. For instance, Alexa owners can use the platform to allocate tasks via Airtasker using key phrases and commands such as, “Alexa, ask Airtasker to find me a plumber”, they can ask for the account balance with NAB, order an Uber, and ask Qantas for flight details. 

Media companies such as SBS News and ABC News are using the platform to push their flash briefings for news, sports, and weather directly to consumers. 

Other service examples are that Alexa owners can manage their EnergyAustralia’s electricity and gas accounts via the platform or use it to search for local qualified tradespeople on hipages. Individuals can also use it to perform job searches via SEEK, or make restaurant reservations on Dimmi.

These qualitative services can all be accessed by simple voice commands which is opening up great new opportunities to engage with- and offer value to customers in ways that truly resonate.

Alexa and the Australian marketing industry

With personalisation becoming more important in today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, stakeholders in the Australian marketing industry have begun searching for new ways to push more relevant content and ads to consumers. Although ad slots are not yet available, brands can utilize Alexa’s “Skills” feature to get in front of customers by creating a personalised service that provides value to end users.

Amazon launched over 10,000 Alexa Skills for the Australian marketplace, enabling businesses to leverage Amazon’s knowledge and pioneering work in the field of voice design. Some of the most popular categories of skills on Alexa include news, education, gaming, lifestyle, and novelty/humor.

The marketing industry is focussed on creating a more immersive experience for consumers and get ahead of the competition. Australian businesses are discovering new ways to adapt and integrate voice-based interaction technology to their business processes and service offerings to help us add value as well as personalise the experience with brands.

With Alexa Skills feature, brands can leverage its lead generation/management capabilities to accelerate lead conversion efforts and support their sales operations. Organizations have begun to replace/augment outbound telemarketing activities by pre-qualifying leads using IVR (interactive voice response) technology. By answering a few simple questions first, we all save time.

They can also enable customers to conduct simple transactions such as account information updates and bills payments. Integrating IVR within payment gateways increases convenience by allowing consumers to make payments via voice-activated technology, and assisting businesses to focus on payment collection activities.

These are just some of the opportunities open to Australian brands. With over 10,000 Alexa Skills available to the Australian marketplace, there is a world of opportunity for brands who are leveraging IVR technology to better their product and service offerings to consumers.

Innovation, integration and collaboration

Amazon Alexa and Cortana, the digital assistant for Microsoft products, are getting integrated now (Aug 2016) in the US market, which is an exciting development for future prospects of seamless and device agnostic access to a digital assistant of choice.

This is going to be an exciting space for businesses to engage in.


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